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Technology is one of the most convolutedly basic concepts to grasp; despite the apparent complexity of any given computer system, it’s nothing more than a series of ones and zeros cleverly arraigned to emulate intelligence.

TechnoFro believes that teaching is the art of relating material, not just repeating it. Our customized, engaging instruction takes large technology concepts and break them into small, relatable pieces so that our students develop a solid and infinitely expandable understanding.

Personable instruction provided by passionate, accomplished mentors with decades of experience providing solutions for the world’s largest corporations.



One-on-one and group training ideal for…


Corporate leaders are responsible for the strategic direction of their organization; the first thing required to make sound executive decision is solid information.

TechnoFro helps decision makers keep informed about current technologies and how they compare with systems already in-place at their organization. Our mentors help executives ask productive questions to their technology staff to ensure projects are orchestrated efficiently and with the maximum benefit to the company.

IT Staff.

The IT department is the tactical center of your organization and it’s practices dictate how your business interacts with clients and partners – while simultaneously protecting vital company information from unauthorized access.

In addition to instruction, TechnoFro’s accomplished technologist offer complete guidance on implementing, maintaining, and scaling systems inline with the latest industry standards.


Information Technology moves extremely fast – what’s cutting-edge today, can be obsolete next year. TechnoFro’s instructor focused curriculum ensures that teachers are provided the following:

  • base-level understanding of core technology concepts
  • hands-on experience
  • market value overview of various Information Technology career paths
  • student roadmaps to IT careers
  • informed of the tools used by professional system engineers/developers


Even for the most gifted, aspiring technologist the onslaught of terms, programming languages, platforms, and frameworks can be confusing.

From a 3rd grader seeking to create their first video game, to a graduate student struggling with an IT concept, our mentors are able to leverage their vast experience to explain even the most perplexing IT subject to new engineers.


ONES and ZEROES: 101

As with anything, once the nature of an object is understood – the control of said object becomes trivial. By exploring the basic two building blocks of all computer operations, even the most complex of tasks becomes a lot more basic.

Topics Covered:

  • Computer Types
  • Computer Logic
  • Basic Computer Operation
  • Basic Operating System Use
  • Computer Software
  • Productivity Software

Linux: The MacGyver of Operating Systems

Be it Linux is the nearest descendant of the base from which all current OSes were created, using this OS as a starting point offers an unrivaled understanding to the more popular platforms used on computer systems today.

Topics Covered:

  • Open vs Closed Source
  • Operating System (OS) In-Depth
  • Linux OS Distributions
  • Apple Operating Systems
  • Windows Operating Systems
  • OS Similarities/Differences

Infrastructure: Around the World in 80 Milliseconds

As network connectivity increases in speed, availability, and necessity, a comprehensive understanding of how the Internet works and hosts essential services is an indispensable asset for today’s computer user.

Topics Covered:

  • Local Network Functionality
  • Internet Functionality
  • Network Troubleshooting
  • Name Resolution Services
  • Database, Directory, & Messaging Solutions

Coding: The Art of Twiddling Bits

We impart students with a solid foundation in programming theory and practice that will allow them to readily acquire new languages as they’re released.

Topics Covered:

  • C++, Java, C#, Python, etc.
  • Universal Programming Structures
  • Languages Similarities/Differences
  • Mobile, Desktop, Server, & Cloud programming platforms

The Cloud: De-MIST-ified

Despite its ever increasing demand, there are still A LOT of Executives that have no idea what “The Cloud” is and why it’s so important to their business.

Topics Covered:

  • Public & Private Clouds
  • Providers & Services
  • Migration & Security
  • Administration & Programming

CyberSecurity: A Practical Use for Paranoia

Contrary to what people might see in the movies: the majority of illegal hackers aren’t super geniuses, just tenacious, tech savvy individuals that know what and where to look for system – and human – vulnerabilities.

Topics Covered:

  • Identifying attack types and targeted platforms
  • Preventing, confirming and mitigating compromises
  • Protection and analysis tools