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Technology Pop-Ups – “TECHUPS”

As with most things, one’s future comfort with a subject often depends on how pleasant and welcoming their first experience – technology is no different.


TECHNOFRO‘s TECHUPS program consists of a series of 3 hour classes designed to introduce under-served communities to the skills and multiple career paths available within the field of Information Technology (IT). By the end of each session, participants will possess the knowledge and tools to independently continue exploring their new found skill.  


Professional Skills, Simple Explanations

Engaging & Encouraging, Hands-On Instruction

Future Entreprenuer Focused Training

Experienced, Accomplished Instructors

Post Session Support & Mentoring

Sincerest appreciation for our esteemed regional partners:

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COOL Computer Careers

Students are introduced to the many diverse career paths, salaries, and skill requirements for various Information Technology fields.

Computers: Using & Fixing

This class provides a comprehensive introduction to computers covering hardware assembly, operation, administration, and repair.

Linux ROCKS!

We explore the most ubiquitous and under appreciated Operating System to give our students a vital career tool.

Keeping Your Info on the Low

This session explores the everyday threats of living "online" and how to protect your privacy.

How to Hack

Now that you know people are constantly looking at your online information, let's find out how they're doing it.

The Wide World of Data

Information Technology is all about moving and storing DATA - let's explore this concept a little more closely.

The Internet: How it works

From what "The Cloud" is to understanding the technology and protocols that power the Internet, this class explains it all.

Graphic Design: Drawing with BITS

Students are introduced to the tools and concepts used by professional designers to create content ranging from websites to video games.

Chess is LIFE

Anyone can learn a programming language, but true mastery of the art requires an understanding of logical thinking.

"Ready, Set, CODE!!!"

This session introduces essential concepts and constructs to programming by comparing different languages and platforms.

Coding: Web Apps

Coding is more concept than syntax. This two part session will introduce coding principles using semantic and conceptual friendly HTML.

Coding: Android Apps

Building on the concepts introduced in the preceeding lesson, we gracefully transition from one platform to another.

“It Takes a Village…”

As global companies struggle to fill Information Technology (IT) positions with qualified personnel, many residents of marginalized communities remain underemployed – lacking access to the training and resources essential to acquiring IT positions. Our mission is to empower and secure marginalized communities by bridging the socioeconomic gap in computer literacy, but we can’t do it alone.

Please, help us make a difference in your community, by clicking on one of the following and contributing to our effort:


A mentor’s greatest asset isn’t their mastery of a subject, but their genuine concern of the student for whom they’ve been entrusted.

From a CIO that can donate an hour a year, to the entry level tech with copious free-time – we welcome all patient and passionate individuals willing to make a difference in our student’s lives.


HOST a Session

Contributing training space to our program is a great, low-cost way to showcase your commitment to the community your organization serves.

TECHNOFRO is a commercially insured entity that non-intrusively utilizes any training space provided.

DONATE Your Old Computer

Nowadays, it’s rare to find a household without at least one old computer in a closet collecting dust.

This tax-exempt donation includes computer/laptop pickup, secure recovery of any existing data, and certified data destruction per US government standards.

SPREAD the Word

Be it a movie or new item on a restaurant menu, there is no more powerful publicity than word of mouth.

Please help us – help others by sharing our mission and program with those in your personal and corporate circles.