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Young adulthood is an interesting time: although adolescents lack the authority to change their current situation, they typically have more than enough freedom to seriously damage their future. Whereas there are countless internship opportunities for youth that appear to be “on-the-right” track, the poor decisions of other young adults can prevent them from receiving the opportunities that could potentially turn their life around.

TECHNOFRO‘s Young Professional Outreach (YPO) program is part mentor-ship, part job training. Although specifically designed for undecided or at-risk upperclassmen, the YPO program offers all participants a comprehensive introduction to the many career paths available in the field of Information Technology.

The YPO program entails seasoned IT professionals meeting with students a few times a week to share their skills and experiences working in various technology fields and offer first-hand educational and career guidance to aspiring technologist.

“Iron Sharpen Iron”

Identifying resources is an indispensable skill to possess in any scenario, and even more important in areas where options are limited.
The YPO program pairs student mentors with younger participants in order to encourage community cooperation and provide relatable role models to which they can aspire.

Corporate Exposure

Becoming proficient with professional etiquette starts long before the first interview.
On-site field trips and real-world, work place solution solving gives YPO participants a decisive advantage when entering the corporate world.

Community Engagement

Local businesses are often the heart of a community and represent a phenomenal opportunity for students to showcase their work ethic and connect with future employers.
Adult YPO mentors liaise with local businesses to create training and employment opportunities for our students.


Often the only difference between a "Troubled" and "Talented" student is the guidance and attention they receive.
TECHNOFRO's "TEACH & REACH INITIATIVE" is a 60 hour program specifically designed to equip at-risk, high-school youth with the technical, interpersonal, and leadership skills to go into their communities and introduce elementary and middle-school students to fulfilling Information Technology career paths. During the course of the program, professional technologist will impart lucrative, real-world technical, business, and life skills to participants.


Being responsible for guiding someone else's life is a phenomenal responsibility - and has a funny way of improving the life of the mentor as much as it does the pupil.

Students that successfully complete the 60 hour program are invited to become TECHNOFRO Junior Mentors.

Under the supervision of classroom instructors, Junior Mentors visit local schools and share with students the power of being a technology producer, establish and lead after-school, tech clubs, and teach technology concepts.

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College Applications

Skills make money, but degrees provide avenues.

When ready to apply to a four year institution, the experience this program provides participants looks AMAZING on college applications.

Strong IT Kung-Fu

There’s no better way to master a subject for which you’re passionate than teaching it.

Through working with peers on projects and instructing younger students on concepts, participants acquire impressive tech skills.

Professional Grade

Not only does our curriculum cover the same objectives as leading industry certifications, but it offers participants the opportunity to build professional portfolios of work that future employers and clients love to see.

Lifetime of Benefit

The same logical skills used to work in the field of Information Technology have boundless application in …the “real” world.

No Burger Flipping

IT pursuits can be just a social and dynamic as a fast food position; all while establishing skills that will earn you exponentially more job security and income.