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Programs for ALL Income Levels

Student Led. Teacher Supervised.

Paid and Community Service Internships Available

Essential Career Experience for both participants & mentors

100% STEM Focused

Students Keep Their Creations

Real-world Technical and Strategic Skills

Entertaining Projects

Soft Skills Training Included

IT: Different, yet still the same

To computers, EVERYTHING is 1s and 0s. So even though it might look like drawing a picture on a computer has nothing in common with making a drone fly – they’re more similar than they initially appear, and the more you know about one, not only do you understand the other better – but all other computers as well. Our program imparts IT proficiency by exploring the connections between all of it’s facets. 

Three Paths. One Destination.

Based on their personal interests, F.I.T. students are offered three different paths to pursuit in our program: Design, Build, & Code. Through the course of their chosen path, students work collectively on projects that allow them to showcase their acquired knowledge, observe the connection between different technology fields, and – most importantly – discover the power of working collectively; all while learning infinitely scalable, career skills.




This track allows the dreamers creativity to be unleashed via multiple electronic mediums. From designing two-dimensional  graphics to 3D printouts – participants hone real-world skills by turning their thoughts into creations.


  • Vector/Raster Digital Editing
  • 2D/3D Model Design/Printing
  • Video Game Character Design
  • Virtual Reality Modeling

For doers that enjoy creating things with their hands, students in this track build computers, electronic circuits, robots, and drones.


  • Computer Assembly
  • Operating Systems
  • Electronic Circuits
  • Drones
  • Robots

This track allows thinkers to create solutions by learning a variety of computer programming languages.


  • Web Development
  • Video Game Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Desktop App Development
  • Server App Development

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Not only do our student mentors acquire countless transferable skills while guiding  our participants, they also get first-hand experience in a variety of in-demand technology fields – both of which looks great on college and employment applications.

By having content presented by patient, knowledgeable members of their generation, our participants often establish a tight bond with their mentor. 


Many great programs use pre-built components and packaged kits to introduce youth to information technology; while such items can help curb the complexity of some concepts, the cost of this convenience is often overlooking the details which are necessary for future mastery.

Our program uses freely-available, open standard software and basic components to impart professional – yet engaging – lessons.


Strategy is an essential tool for solving any challenge – be it personal, professional, or technological. Logically being able to assess a challenge is an extremely powerful ability and – given the nature of computers – they’re a great platform to hone said ability.

Success is all about balance – our program provides both our student mentors and participants with the skills necessary to achieve – and sustain – fulfilling and rewarding careers. 

The more resources in hand, the more students can be reached

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