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Bridging the Socio-Economic Gap in Computer Literacy

Technology provides limitless avenues to financial security, yet the most in-need communities often lack the resources necessary to acquire lucrative tech skills..

TechnoFro provides professional grade, Information Technology (IT) training, equipment, and employment opportunities for underserved communities. Building on fundamental principles, TechnoFro employs real-world objectives to impart intuitive proficiency of highly marketable IT skills.



As with most things involving youth, the younger they’re introduced to something the stronger the impression it leaves. Our goal is to expose young minds to several facets of technology at an early age so that they may find the area that interests them most.


Members of our after school, Future Information Technologist (F.I.T.) crew establish the foundation for a boundless career in various information technology fields by allowing students to design and build projects ranging from web games to FM radios.


It’s difficult to pursue the known. This program introduces participants to the many distinct career paths in Information Technology in an engaging and encouraging manner.


Follow along and interact with experienced technologists as they build professional solutions in a variety of in-demand technical fields.


Half mentor-ship, half training, this program provides crucial guidance and professional exposure to high risk or directionless youth.


Technology has no borders – making it the perfect tool to financially empower communities around the world. Our international chapters provide foreign technologists with the skills and resources to autonomously build, run, maintain, and scale their local infrastructure and empower their community with continuous information technology training.


Even in a career where communicating with machines is your main focus, the ability to relate to your fellow humans is ALWAYS the most important skill set to master.
People (aka “Soft”) skills are an integral component of our technical (“Hard”) skills training programs. Our mentors are accomplished professionals with experience communicating with all levels within the corporate hierarchy.

Good for the Community…AND the Environment

Contrary to popular belief, mastery of cutting-edge technology does not require a top-of-the-line computer. All of the systems used for our training programs are donated or reconditioned systems.


  • Tax Deductible Donation
  • FREE Pickup of Donated Equipment
  • FREE Destruction of Private Data (per US government standards)
  • OPTIONAL Archival of Existing Data